Tilma News

Built For the Church

We’ve created a platform that shapes an incredible experience for both the reader and the editorial team. Unlike mass market websites, Tilma News combines modern design and refined editorial tools, created specifically for Catholic news sites. These tools make it easier to upload and publish articles, feed in content from outside sources, send curated email digests, and more.

Editorial Features

Built For Editors

Better Publishing Tools

Highly visual publishing tools, SEO settings, video uploads, and custom URLs make it easy for your editorial team to manage content effectively.

Easy Content Editing

Easily edit article in-page and without affecting the format of the pages.

Import External Content

Automatically funnel in the most relevant national and international news from built-in sources like Catholic News Service, plus the option to bring in your choice of sources that format to your site.

Editorial Workflow

Easily assign user permission based on roles, allowing journalists, editors, and publishers to work on articles in the backend of the website without having to deal with anything outside their responsibility.

Community Classifieds

Create space for your community to submit classified ads and browse them online by their category.

Customizable Forms

From simple contact forms, to story submissions and subscriptions, you make it simple for your readers to reach you.

Modern & Adaptable Design

Work with Glass Canvas to customize your site with a base level design package including colours, logo, categories, and fonts, or choose a custom design process for a look that aligns with your existing brand.

Optional Stripe Integration

Easily manage payments by monetizing parts of your news site, such as subscriptions, ad sales, and classified submissions.